The year 2023 will see the world’s largest-ever inclusive sports event be held in the heart of Europe. Germany will be welcoming about 7,000 athletes from around 170 countries. The sports metropolis of Berlin looks forward to hosting what will hopefully be unforgettable Games!

With the World Games we will be sending a clear sign out to the world: We prioritize inclusion in society and want to bring about a change in mindset. Our objective: with the World Games 2023 and by hosting the, to establish a firm base in all German local authorities, to open sports clubs up more strongly for people with intellectual disabilities and to provide additional support for sports in the various disabilities support organizations.

We are working with our bundled expertise to lay the foundations for #Berlin2023. As an outstanding person in the world of sports, the Local Organization Committee (LOC) wishes to hire at the next possible opportunity a


„Registration & Sports Entries, Senior Manager“ (m/w/d)
für die Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin

Full-time / 40-hour week / limited contract until 2023


The Senior Manager for Registrations and Sports Entries will have the overall responsibility of ensuring that the  Delegations and all other constituents participating in the Games will have a smooth registration experience and that all details collected will be up to the standards set by the Local Organizing Committee. The Senior Manager, RSE will be reporting directly to the CTO of the LOC and will be leading the RSE Functional Area. Moreover, the Senior Manager, RSE will have the responsibility of the credentialing system operations both in the planning phase and the implementation phase.


The following will be your responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the end to end delivery of the Registration journey for Delegations and Non-Delegation members (Media, Guests, Families, etc).
  • In collaboration with the Volunteers and Workforce Functional areas, manage the registration system and registration process.
  • Recruit, train and manage all RSE Team members.
  • Management of the development of the RSE policies and procedures.
  • Management of the Credentialing Printing Operations pre-Games and in the UDAC.
  • Liaise with SOI and the GRT on all entries to ensure that they follow the policies and procedures as set by the LOC.
  • Liaise with other key functional areas to ensure all program objectives are met.
  • Manage and develop the official Delegation Registration Process in collaboration with the Delegation Services and Sports Teams respectively as well as the Non-Delegation Registration Process.
  • In collaboration with the RTS FA, define the key requirements of the Registration System(s) and provide RTS FA with all necessary requirements to be developed.
  • Conduct the reviewing and testing of SO Connect – the Games management system that is provided by SOI and define any necessary changes.
  • Manage the development of the Sport Entries Manuals for the Games in collaboration with the LOC’s Sports team and SOI.
  • Manage the process of the athletes’ entries for the Games. Collecting, reviewing and ensuring quality and accuracy of the athletes’ data, set the requirements and adhere to deadlines as set by Technology’s planning.
  • Liaise with UDAC Operations to define the processes of Credentialing Printing Operations.
  • Manage the Credentialing Printing Operations and define the scope of service.
  • Ensure proper training of Registration System and Credentialing printing operations to Key Staff, Contractors and Volunteers.
  • Lead and Manage any 3rd-party contractor relationships required for the Credentialing printing Operations.
  • Liaise and define all communication protocols with the Delegation Services FA and ensure that all requests follow the pre-defined processes and procedures as set by the RSE FA and communicated through the DLG Team.
  • Liaise with all other FAs (Media, Operations, Volunteers, Workforce, Honor Guests, etc.) for all registration requirements and deadlines.


What we expect you to offer:

  • Bachelor’s Degree as a min. requirement
  • 4-5 Years of experience in the Registrations and Sports entries of Mega Events (Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympics, Special Olympics, or any other Multi sport – international event)
  • Managerial level experience in more than 2 Mega Events (Olympics, Paralympics, Youth Olympics, Special Olympics, or any other Multi sport – international event)
  • Advanced computer skills and experience in using Database Management Systems, registration systems, Dashboards
  • 4-5 years of Experience in Games Management Software, including but not limited to Registration, Sports Entries, Accreditation (Credentialing)
  • Able to work in a fast-paced start up environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • English is a must. Any extra languages is an added value.
  • People management skills


We offer you the opportunity to:

  • Realize an unique event in the heart of Europe
  • Shape an important social topic
  • Take executive responsibility for a dynamic and growing team
  • Great scope to realize your own ideas and exercise personal responsibility


In order to continue the positive development of Special Olympics in Germany, we need you; we proactively promote equal opportunities for all staff members. Please send your application to stating what salary you expect to receive and the earliest point in time when you can take up the position. We ask that you submit your application at the latest by Monday, June 8, 2020. Should you have any specialist or organizational questions, please simply contact

Our candidacy video offers you a persuasive introduction to the special impact our athletes will make. The booklet informs you concisely about the festival of togetherness.